Friday, November 27, 2009

Firth among non equals

Oh dear. It was so long since I'd been to the Dendy that my loyalty card had expired and what did I waste tonight's precious visit on? A vapid load of old bollocks called 'Genova'. Colin, Colin, Colin what were you thinking? School fees? New car? Enormous donation to your favourite charity? It is hard to imagine what could have persuaded you to grace the limona that is Genova! Grief has been done so much better (Truly Madly Deeply). Grief with sinister intimations of further tragedy has been done so much better (Don't Look Now). Ambiguous ghostly presence has been done so much better (The Others). Middle aged academic fancying younger student has been done so much better (Elegy).

I could go on and mention any film that involves a slutty anorexic American teenage girl, a parent frantically searching for a child who has wondered off or a widow/er making a fresh start in a new city. They would almost all inevitably be better than Genova which is always dull, largely cliched, often nasty and when it touches any emotions at all does so with blatant manipulation.

Colin Firth's talent is worthy of much better material and the themes the film is supposedly trying to tackle also warrant a more subtle, thoughtful vehicle. Maybe Michael Winterbottom, like Woody Allen when he made Vicki, Christina, Barcelona in that city, had to be in Genova for some reason and thought 'how can I quickly cobble together a movie set here?' Unlike Allen though being entertaining didn't seem to figure in his plans, oh, and he also ran out of film before he gave his story any kind of conclusion!

Mr Darcy incognito hoping to sleep off this unappealing project


Senji said...

Hey, at least the accompanying picture of our Colin shows a saucy nipple. Well done.

Alice said...

Not even the Firth nipple compensated for the crowded beaches filled with narcissistic, smoking Genovans where he exposed it! Hope Colin gets more fastidious soon, Dorian Gray looked pretty dire as well and lasted about five minutes at the cinemas!