Friday, November 20, 2009

Compost loving vegetation hugger arrested!

Peter Cundall was among 50 demonstrators arrested at rally held outside Tasmania's Parliament House to protest the building of a Gunn's pulp mill in the state's Tamar Valley yesterday.

Peter is one of my heroes, an all round sensitive and gentle man who appreciates and fights for the things that enrich our existence on the planet. I had the good fortune to meet him in the restaurant at Hobart's Botanic Gardens (home of 'Pete's Patch') a couple of years ago and to shake his hand and tell him what a positive influence he had been in my life and continues to be in this country.

Like David Bellamy before him, I hope this high profile 'tree hugger' garners the publicity needed to counter Tasmania's greedy, wilful sacrifice of it's exquisite natural heritage.

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Unknown said...

3 cheers for Peter! I am also a huge fan of his :)