Monday, April 6, 2009

Catch 22, subsection 3A

Well my claim has been rejected - I am not crazy enough to get Workers' Compensation! Like Yossarian (Catch 22), if I was truly crazy I would want to fly missions er, work with the moronic misfit yoyo I have been shackled to for 3 years! I can feel an anti-public service rant coming on but 'Jonestown' (which I have just finished) reminds me that insanity & manipulation are a given in most arenas of life. Why should my place of employment be any exception?

I have just seen a raw, poignant exploration of our need to love and to experience loss and pain, 'Elegy' Isabel Coixet's film based on Philip Roth's novel 'The Dying Animal'. Exquisite performances from Ben Kingsley and Penelope Cruz and a support cast including Dennis Hopper and Patricia Clarkson. Thank goodness that there is always art to upstage tawdry old reality!

Not feeling particularly inspired this Monday night. It looks like the only escape will be for me to relinquish my current job, hard won after 5 years of insecurity and freelancing, because the public sector's commitment to 'due process'* (which admittedly I've always championed) for one needy, squeaky wheel trumps its commitment to my well being and the contribution I could make untrammelled by the lunatic saboteur!

Well hush my mouth. I am living up to the epithet 'Queen of Indiscretion', conferred upon me in another life when I had a bit more to be discreet about. But honestly, I am a tad FRUSTRATED.

* 3 years is a bit overdue for any process to bear fruit in my opinion!

Need a good old fashioned larf? See Dustin Hoffman tell The Flea Joke - a complete joy!

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Glenda Sladen said...


I have a good idea.

Let's have a party with selected guests. Only those who have undergone hurtful experiences in their place of employment are invited. The whole party can be spent in listening to each other's tales of woe.

I think most guests would feel good by the end of the party.

Funny thing is, there is a whole healthy breed of people out there who don't experience this sort of thing. They emit some sort of postive vibe and they sail through their work days unmolested.

Friend G