Monday, April 13, 2020

Ekphrasis - Tree Conversations

Poems written in response to the exhibition Conversations With Trees - networking with the world wide wood, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery,  8 February - 3 May 2020. 

As Above So Below - Nancy Tingey 2019 (pictured below)

Shiny filaments of polyester
Static yet sprouting
spindly roots and branches

Fibre from the techno-sphere
rendered into an
exclamation of grasses

Avian sounds playing in the background
at odds with these synthetic forms
woven, meshed, bound
coiled, spun, and splayed.

Neatly wild
in their perfect glossy blackness,
too pristine
to come from soil.

Jan Pittard© 2020


Picnic for the for the Trees - Dotti le Sage 2020
Intercontinental Picnic - Dotti le Sage 2020

The artist says she is illustrating
our symbiotic, ceremonial and social connections with trees.

She has superimposed images
of classic vessels and bric-a-brac shop china
on screen prints of plantation timber.

Strange to see a picnic site
set with genie bottles and Doultonware

Where are our discarded soft drink bottles,
Maccas wrappers and lethal plastic straws?

Have they charred with the perished forest
in the fires?

These pictures remain.

Jan Pittard© 2020

Peeling Away Series I – V - Christine Appleby 2018 (pictured above)

Calico tinsel spirals

suspended tubes and cylinders
dancing threadbare weaves
Sheer gossamer
with copper sheen

Steely filaments
fraying strands
suspended with wires
to hold their billowing forms

Gallery lights cast inevitable shadows,
less subtle versions of your tactile selves

‘Coiling shapes of peeling, falling bark’ says the artist...

Your lustre is like no chalky gum tree surface I have seen;
you belong to a submarine realm.

Buoyant, adrift

Through the camera  
less solid still,
strands no longer distinct
blurs of putty and saffron
like imploding fungi

Improvisation on a theme?
Interpretation of a brief?
Word on object.
Parasite on parasite.

Jan Pittard© 2020

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