Friday, February 24, 2012

Couldda been called...

Okay this blog is a bit derivative.  I will disclose my source. The late lamented Chritstopher Hitchens mentioned in an interview with our own beloved Jennifer Byrne that he and Salman Rushdie used to play a game of thinking up  names that authors might have given the first drafts of their  famous novels. Names that would probably have assured their obscurity. Hitchens said that is how he got the idea of calling his autobiography Hitch 22.  Here are a few titles we came up with Chez Alice:

Loves Labours Misplaced
Black Horse
The Old Convenience Store
The Grapes of Rolf
The Lion, the Witch and the Washing Machine
Catcher in the Paspalum
The Ladies Room
Moderately Fortunate Jim
Room At the Back
They’re an Eccentric Group
Doctor Straightlove
A Tale of One City
Pride & Tolerance
The Old Man and the Pond
A Farwell to Legs
The Prince and the Pawpaw
Uncle Tom’s Condo
Rubbery Underarms
Puberty Reds
Summer of the First Doll
My Dull Career
Schindler’s Lifts
The Ordinary Pudding
The Slip Slop Slap
Eat, Pray, Defecate
The Ordinary Nearby Tree
The Well Known Five
The Seven Year Rash
All’s OK That Ends OK
Winnie the Turd

Hey, you 3 followers, any more not quite there yet names for manuscripts to suggest?

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