Friday, March 13, 2009

The best of weeks, the worst of weeks

My Graduation Ceremony

What a wag that Winston Churchill was! It is Friday night and the interminable series "I Was Winston Churchill's Bodyguard" is on SBS again (must be the 90-somethingth episode) bringing us Dennis Waterman's unmistakable cheeky tones recounting Walter H. Thompson's tedious, humorless reminiscences in all their stupefying detail once more! Mr Thompson, whom one suspects was not an irreverent cockney of the Dennis Waterman stamp, loves to quote his adored charge on subjects from traffic to communism. We have just been regaled with Winston's droll observation, upon visiting Niagara Falls for the second time and being asked how the experience differed from his earlier visit, that not much had changed and the 'waterfall continues to fall downwards'. Add 'physics genius' to this Renaissance man's other credentials. It really is the most agonisingly protracted and dull series!

Still, nice to have something to bitch about that doesn't affect me personally (I don't much care what trash Robert Powell and Dennis Waterman will do for a buck). It hasn't been a good week in my career, despite my graduation (see picture - guess which is me). I have submitted a workers' comp claim for a situation at work that has been even more drawn out and painful than Walter H. Thompson's serialised memoirs. I have been working around, working in spite of and doing the work of a seriously maladjusted and incompetent colleague for over 3 years now and the arrival of two new people in our team threw a blinding spotlight on how deleterious my various accommodations to the situation had become. My blog is probably not the place to describe the toll this has taken on my health, it's not really entertaining reading. Suffice to say I have been taking solace in food and drink and it shows (check the picture again).

Any way, enough of self loathing or self pity or an unpleasant blend of the two. I hate feeling like a victim and I have to steel myself for a psychological assessment next week. But first I am escaping to the pool and then to Degas at the National Gallery!

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