Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ladies Who Lunge

This blog is one place for me to process everything that occurs in my weekly round. Another is my aquarobics class. We women of a certain age (approx 35 – 55) gather a couple of times a week to keep up our fitness and to pool observations (sorry about the pun) on everything from health, travel, kids, cooking, theatre, botox and bereavement. Today’s topics obviously included Michael Jackson and the fate of the two Prince Michaels, I and II (aka ‘Blanket’), and Paris. We didn’t get much past ‘it’s the kids I feel sorry for’ and acknowledgement of what a sad and twisted life the undoubtedly hugely talented MJ led. Our discussions, constrained as they are by vigorous gyrations, are necessarily succinct. Today the ‘lunge’ and the scissor kick featured prominently…

A virus and other commitments have kept me from my aquarobics classes for almost a fortnight and I forgot how energised and just damn good I feel after them. Today I have caught a rabbit, pruned vines, vacuumed, walked the dogs, done and hung out 3 loads of washing, cooked roast beef and Yorkshire pud and am just about to tackle the ironing while watching ‘Marple’ as they have pretentiously retitled ‘Miss Marple’. I must say Julia McKenzie is doing a sterling job! I thought Geraldine Mckewan was a bit shrill or overly penetrating. I ADORED Joan Hickson. It must be one of those roles that is such a gift almost any actress makes a good fist of it. I can’t remember how Margaret Rutherford did (more eccentric than any recent casting) but undoubtedly she was delightful too. There’s something about the nostalgia and elegance of the Christie milieu – David Suchet is superb as Poirot and I was quite distressed to see him in a contemporary role recently, body hair rampantly apparent.

Oh well, time to tap the last vestiges of that lunge-induced energy and clear up from dinner before basking in the all star ensemble of tonight’s ‘Marple’.

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