Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bunny, bunny, bunny

Postscript: the Trading Post is the place for bargain bunnies.
This is 'Waldorf'. S/he is a cross dwarf/floppy. Cute, eh?


luxcis said...

How’d u pick that name Alice. I would have gone for Algonquin, but it is one more syllable I spose. I prefer to have share custody of the neighbours’ pets so I can get temporary companion animal company and avoid feeding them and vetting them. (that’s right, the pets, not the neighbours, ha ha)

Even better I can rename them to monikers they actually answer to . Example, the pure white cat at no 13 (!) is called Gerty but I’d rather call her Icicle -- and I do ! I do NOT call her Monica.

Alice said...

Well even though a girl's best friend is her mutter (oblique reference to Dorothy Parker and the Algonquin circle), I didn't choose the name, Luxcis, my daughter did. The bunny is named after a block of apartments we passed en route to collect her!