Monday, December 15, 2008

I should have blogged all night

I defy any mother of two teenagers who’s hosting Christmas, has dogs to walk and a full-time job to blog regularly during this season. About 3 weeks ago I did in fact write a whole post on the suave Richard E. Grant as Henry Higgins and the delightful Taryn Fiebig as Liza Doolittle then promptly ‘lost’ it. Now that I realise my blog creation software doesn’t have an ‘undo’ function when you inadvertently highlight and delete 3 paragraphs I am writing this in Word first!

The urge to blog, and the ideas for postings, remain as strong as ever, it is getting the time to sit at the keyboard. As usual I am writing this piece at the office where I can persuade myself that writing for an e-medium is good practice for our imminent electronic learning system!

I bought a little note book intending to jot down ideas but so far it only contains 3 days’ worth of expenditure records - the entire fruit of my partner's and my decision that we need to itemise what we spend and analyse it to be able to budget properly. Those 3 days alone included $150 on theatre tickets and $30 on wine. When I started the Christmas shopping the amount coming out of the ATMs and going into the cash registers of shops became so large I was embarrassed to record it. I convinced myself that December is atypical so I should start AFTER Christmas! I think I see a trend emerging...

It is a truism that Christmas is a stressful time and I find more than usual to feel panicked and guilty about at this time of year. I should have an immaculate house with a scintillatingly decorated tree already in situ. We should have coloured lights up like our neighbours do. I should have bought someone in the developing world a goat. I should have written and posted all my Christmas cards by now. I should be saying ‘Holidays’ more often and ‘Christmas’ less often etc! All these feelings of underachievement and inadequacy are no doubt fuel for the New Year Resolutions to come!

Any way I believe I could/should have posted more to my blog than I have done recently. All the above only took me 15 minutes and I am thinking it wouldn’t be the hugest leap to turn it into an article on procrastinating about learning and development for the blog here at work!

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