Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm Back!

It's been awful. I locked myself out of my blog. Forgot my password and then the security email enabling me to re-set it came to my work email address while I was on a week's leave! I have been suffering withdrawal symptoms!

Where to start? World Youth Day (the longest 'day' on record)? Saint Kevin PM's disappointing grasp of art vs. pedophilia? Recent filmic and televisual treats? A hymn to Annie Proulx who has made me read texts about cowboys BY CHOICE!!! She does the BEST imagery: a radio announcer who 'pronounced his own name as though he had just discovered a diamond in his nostril', 'a few final rain drops (that) fell, hard as dice', 'clean arcs divided the windscreen into a diptych, and their faces flared through the glass' - all on consecutive pages of a short story in 'Close Range'. And her vocabulary - I always mean to hold a dictionary in my other hand when I read her!

Well this will be a brief posting because lunch - and to a lesser extent - work calls! I've written my password down this time so watch this space!

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