Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tubercular News

Does the pedant in a person (this person for example) come to the fore as the years progress?

I hate the 'makeover' they gave the ABC News about 12 months ago. The phony ad breaks when they flash the logo and play a few bars of the theme, the constant use of 'and coming up' or 'and just a reminder of our lead story' (or words to that effect) all of which imply that a 30 minute news broadcast defies our ability to concentrate & retain information and that, given that the lead story is usually dramatic and often tragic, we are sufficiently de-sensitised for it to have made no impact. The the other thing is the confiding, slightly moralistic tone the news reader adopts, quite at odds with the journalistic dignity ABC newsreaders used to exude. Who wants to gain the impression that Juanita is thinking 'oh, how cute' or 'serves him right' about the subject of a news item?

The copy Juanita and her colleagues read seems to be the work of hacks with clumsy expressions and ambiguities often cropping up and puns abounding in true tabloid style. These can be unintentionally funny as on the bulletin a couple of nights ago dealing with the blight of TB in Africa. Assuming we hermetically sealed citizens of the 21C west know nothing of how disease is communicated Juanita said, in her best 'tut, tut' voice, or I thought she said, "sneezing spreads the bugger 'round"!

Shows how primed I am to the dumbed down lingo that I was only mildly surprised!

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