Friday, July 9, 2010

Coming soon: Guillaume Gnome de Plume's Reminiscences of Cooks River Vineyards

The chronicling of Marrickville-Sydenham's lost wine industry is long overdue...

In an interview soon to appear here, Guillaume Gnome de Plume reminisces about the acradian charms of the Cooks River vineyards.

The rich sullage content of the Cooks River combined with the run-off from the many wool stores lining the river along Canal Rd created incomparable soil for the cultivation of grapes.

Guillaume explains that there were two renowned vintages - the Vin Extremely Ordinaire and the Vin Barely Palatable.

The first had a nose of long-concealed frommage, notes of honeysuckle, melon and nuclear waste and left a calcium buildup and an almost indelible high-tide mark on the back palate. But with a plate of head cheese and a packet of Gauloise, it was without peer.

The latter was voted for three consecutive years by the readers of Joggers' World magazine as the best Australian wine to run away from.


(With thanks to David Latta)

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