Monday, February 25, 2008

Blog Envy

Now I know the object of writing a blog is communication and the last thing I should do is grumble if my ramblings have inspired others. BUT, I am suffering blog envy. Someone very close to me has proved to be a more fluent and prolific blogger than I am. BTW (techno shorthand for 'by the way') I thoroughly endorse and recommend this person's blog which you will find at:

It has made me LOL (look that one up yourself) on more than one occasion, but I am just a tad envious.

Maybe I am not the e-democrat that a dweller in the 'global village' (is that still the concept or is there something more 21C I should be saying?) is expected to be but while I was as chuffed as anything that my blog got a few comments I wasn't really expecting one of my circle to burst forth with a blog of their own that is vastly more entertaining.

This is where I find out that I am perhaps inherently competitive because I want to be LOL funny too! Or that blogging perhaps isn't my forte as I don't put stubby fingers to the keyboard half as often as I think I ought to. I haven't been REALLY inspired to write anything for a couple of weeks, that's despite seeing the Tim Burton Sweeney Todd and series 2 of Life on Mars starting up on television. I guess it is all about finding my e-voice.

I've finished the volume of Proust I started in January so I can take that pretentious bit out of my profile. Now I'm reading the pro sloth, hedonistic musings of Tom Hodgkinson - a writer and broadcaster to whom you could probably append the (again very 1990s) label of 'new lad' (he has a home pub). A friend gave me his book 'How To Be Free' for Xmas. It meanders along making some nice observations about self sufficiency such as growing your own vegies and false idols like having career ambitions and I would probably be enjoying it if it didn't (a) make me feel so old (Tom Hodgkinson was born in 1968 the year I came to Australia) and 2. make me feel so much a part of the reviled bureaucracy. He considers most things done under the banner of 'occupational health and safety' or 'equal employment opportunity' to be mean spirited erosions of individuality and freedom and talks about 'meritocracy' with complete disdain... Unfortunately these are the very areas I always gravitate to when I get public service employment so, if I accept any of his thesis, my career, I mean job, would seem to be kind of perverse S&M game. I am only 75 pages into his 339 page tract so I guess there is plenty of time for real guilt or rebellion to take hold!

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Melanie said...

You should have known that once given a platform (god knows she needs one - she's a bit of a short-arse) from whence to opine at will ... she would! And that once her alter ego gets on to a "thing" she sticks with it ....