Monday, January 7, 2008

Revisiting the Sexual Revolution

This weekend provided some perfect companion viewing in Kinsey (screened on commercial TV last Friday night I think although we recorded it and watched it on Saturday night) and The Chatterley Trial - last night on the ABC. The major question raised by both was what sexual behaviour we deem 'normal' and what 'debased'. Proof that Lawrence and Kinsey have had their impact on social mores and public thinking generally was the calm and commonsensical response our 17 year old has to these issues. Not Gen X (or is it Y, or Y-not? whatever!) enough to be blasé and wonder what all the fuss was about, he is too bright & has too much appreciation of history for that, he is completely mindful of how organised religion and the Hoover-led FBI had a vested interest in using concepts of sexual deviance and abnormality to control the citizenry. We were right proud of him! He chose not to view The Chatterley Trial but casually mentioned the flowers woven in the pubic hair episode in the book while he was helping me put the washing out. Oh, to have had his awareness and sophistication in my early teens when most of my sexual education came from sneakily reading a Colin Wilson novel I found in my parents' bedroom (and from empirical research of course!)

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